Bank holiday bike invasion

Bikers, Strand Quay, Rye. 25/4/11 ENGSNL00120110426084237
Bikers, Strand Quay, Rye. 25/4/11 ENGSNL00120110426084237

HUNDREDS of powerful motorbikes will fill Rye’s Strand Quay on bank holiday Monday.

The annual invasion is an overspill from the big bike rally in Hastings, which sees thousands of bikers taking part, with many travelling on to Rye.

The bikers are welcomed by many in the town who enjoy the colourful spectacle and the trade they bring, but others complain of anti-social riding and bikes obstructing footpaths.

To coincide with this Sussex Police have issued advice to bikers urging bikers to take safety precautions and ensure they are not too tired when they use the roads.

A police spokesman said: “Since the 1970s bikers have travelled to the town from Locksbottom in London every May Day to meet up.

Some of those involved may not have used their machines much in recent weeks because of bad weather so might not be in the best of shape when they arrive in Sussex.

Many of them will only get to Hastings and the Rye area on Monday after travelling for many hours, meaning they could be excessively tired when they try to go home.”

Sergeant Dan Pitcher said: “We always have officers in and around Hastings to help the event run smoothly and to come to the aid of anyone who needs our help.

“We always tell car and lorry drivers to stop to have a break if they feel tired on the roads.

“Bikers need to take that advice too as if they lose concentration it is even easier for them to put themselves in real danger.

“At the end of the day, if you are too tired to ride home, don’t. Staying over might cost you money but it might save your life.”

Rye police have been working with bikers to raise awareness of road safety and anti-social riding as well as tackling speeding.