Ben’s run to help Honduras

Ben Anson'18 year old student'Fundraising for Honduras SUS-140414-080757001
Ben Anson'18 year old student'Fundraising for Honduras SUS-140414-080757001

In the summer, Ben Anson, a student from Penhurst, is going to Honduras to engage in charity work.

In May, Ben is running a cross country Half Marathon as part of his fundraising event. He has received donations and sponsorships from many different parties, however he still has a few hundred pounds to raise towards the £800 target set by the charity that he is working with – Progressio.

Ben has a page on Just Giving where donations can be made online.

Like all the Latin American nations, Honduras suffers from great inequality within the population. The history, culture and varying landscapes of Honduras fascinate me, as does all of Latin America.

There is so much for the Honduran people to take pride in - from magnificent Ancient Mayan ruins within the jungle-laden mountains to stunning beaches on its Caribbean coast.

The Hondurans have had to fight many battles throughout their history, from 15th century Spanish Conquistadors to 20th century North American imperialism.

There was a time when just a few elite families owned the entire country, all of which lived off exploiting the masses through the banana export business. The term ‘banana republic’ was first applied to Honduras; its country of origin.

Yet, these stoic people have continuously overcome the many injustices thrown upon them. The way that this country continuously struggles to protect its heritage, nature and sovereignty are what make me admire the Honduran people.

Sadly though, there is another side to Honduras. Mass poverty and poor living conditions have plagued the population for decades upon decades. The people have always been made to suffer due to foreign powers and their political interests as well as corrupt individuals in government.

This is what compels Ben to go and assist the people, not by throwing money at them but for me personally, by advocating their rights, helping in improving conditions and quite simply ‘being in their corner’.

Now some people may ask why Honduras? Some may think that East Sussex indeed, has its fair share of problems. So why support a country that is on the other side of the World?

In Honduras there are so many factors beyond control of the average person. These many factors are what contribute to the bad situations that they now find themselves in. The native ‘Amerindian’ people risk being kidnapped, tortured or executed, when they campaign for their rights, by US backed security forces.

The vast majority cannot afford access to medical facilities so preventable diseases are rife and outbreaks of HIV widespread. Women, Native Indians and Black people are treated as second or third class citizens.

Ben’s just giving page is