Bins crawling with maggots as waste is left uncollected

Uncollected rubbish in Rother could cause a health hazard warn householders at Westfield and Icklesham who have not had their waste collected for weeks.

There have already been reports of bins crawling with maggots despite Rother Council claiming its new waste and reycling scheme has been a great success.

The new scheme was rolled out in June but some home owners say they are still waiting for their rubbish to be collected.

They have slammed the council for the way in which it has dealt with complaints and issues raised, accusing it of ignoring the problem.

Bizarrely recycling containers have been emptied but the household waste black bags ignored.

Emma Hosier, of Wheel Lane, Westfield, said: “It has been three weeks now since my waste was collected.

“My neighbour, who is a disabled lady, has the same problem. She is at her wits end.

“I have contacted Rother many times and they tell me they will address the situation but nothing happens.

“They don’t seem to have any sense of urgency yet there are maggots crawling out of my bin.

“I work for a private company and we have standards to meet. Rother don’t seem to know what they are doing. The mechanism is not there.”

Maureen Callis, from Parsonage Lane, Icklesham, said: “They have missed two collections since it started.

“We keep sending emails and phoning but we are getting nowhere.

“I am concerned that this could attract vermin and become an environmental problem.

“We spoke to the bin men but they told us we were not on the rota.

“I am annoyed as we are paying for this service in our Council Tax and yet nothing is happening.”

The Rye Observer asked Rother Council to respond but we were still awaiting a comment at the time of going to press.