Boy dives into river at Rye to save a drowning lamb

Lamb rescue SUS-140618-134000001
Lamb rescue SUS-140618-134000001

A THIRTEEN year old boy dived into the River Tillingham at Rye to save a lamb that was drowning.

Jack Paine spotted the distressed animal as he walked near the river bank with his dad last Saturday.

Jack has been called a hero by his dad Steve.

Steve said: “It was a selfless act to save a drowning lamb.

“He swam the entire width of the river and dragged the drowning animal up the bank to safety.

“He then ensured the small lamb was well before swimming back across to where I was waiting to help him out of the water.

“He is aware that the river contains hazards and many germs and yet this did not stop him performing such a selfless act to save an animal’s life.

“I love him very much and I am very proud of him and feel he deserves a mention.

I also think the farmer would be very grateful although we don’t know who it is.

Jack follows in the footsteps of Prime Minister David Cameron who once waded into a swamp at a farm near his Chipping Norton home to rescue a sheep that was stuck.