Camber village voice

Well, Easter has happened, the weather kept us fairly quiet here didn’t it? Rob Cass the Coastal Officer observes that with the really high tides, the wind and the rain, it was an Easter weekend for the surfers rather than families which is a complete contrast to last Easter. He also commented that a number of vehicles were broken into, and reminds us to be careful not to leave any gadgets or valuables in cars.

The weather didn’t have any effect on the Easter celebrations at the church though. There were services from Wednesday each day till the climax of the celebrations on Easter day. The faithful few were then joined my several families, relatives of the regular worshippers and holiday makers, the place was packed. We can say a big thank you to Rev Richard Orchard who guided us beautifully through all of the liturgies and also to James and Mike who as church wardens had considerable responsibility in the absence of a resident minister. It was their first time managing a major festival and the biggest in the churches calender at that, and it all went without a hitch! Thank you to you all, and well done. I must add a big thank you to Sylvia Boiling and Joan Plass, they created glorious arrangements of lilies in the church, particularly important as many were there in remembrance of loved one who had died. They were just beautiful. The doctors practises have asked if I can remind you that the Patient Participation Groups are inviting you to a presentation and question time on,’Skin Diseases and Management’ on Wednesday 18th April, 6pm for 6.30 at Rye Community Primary School, The Grove, Rye. The speaker is Dr. Mahendra Kandagari, M.B.B.S & Diploma in Dermatology.

Very important reminder: the Camber Parish Council is meeting at 7.30pm in the Camber Memorial Hall at 7.30pm, our attendance at these meetings has been low, it’s time to put the date in the diary and get along on a more regular basis. It’s very important to support our councillors as they carry out their responsibilities on our behalf.

Another of our councillors, Tony Piper has resigned, you can see his letter of resignation, it’s pinned on the notice board outside the Memorial Hall. So, we have another vacancy, could you fill it?

The Jubilee Fete creeps ever closer. The Residents Association is working hard to ensure that it is a memorable day.The fete will take place on June 9 between 12noon and 4 on Jubilee Green. It can’t be a success with us all contributing. Volunteers are needed to help put up gazebo’s, and if you happen to have one to lend that would be wonderful. This could be the opportunity you have been looking for to find a worthy cause for you to redirect those Christmas gifts that don’t quiet work for you! They make great raffle prizes. Ann on 01797

222 474 or Trish 01797 224 403 will be pleased to hear from you. If you aren’t sure what you could do to help, give them a ring, they will know exactly what your contribution could be.

Dan Bevan, or Police Community Support Officer is always interested in hearing about your concerns. You can ring him , 07796 195 639, leave a message if he doesn’t take the call, he’ll get back to you. You can also report non - urgent crimes or incidents on 0845 60 70 999, if you want to contact Rye Police Station, it’s also 0845 60 70, extension:

66280. Dan’s Diary.

A busy week for myself and my colleagues this week, on Thursday 5th, residents woke up to find out thieves had broken into their vehicles over night and stolen various items including SatNavs, iPods, phone chargers and even packets of cigarettes. The breaks were not confined to one place in the village, 2 were in Marchants Drive, 1 in Saunders Way, 1 in Denham Way and the last one on Old Lydd Road. I have been visiting properties near to where the vehicles were parked and conducting house to house enquiries. If you were not in you may have received my card. If you have any information that could help our investigations please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 101 and leaving a message for PC Collins or myself. Also in the early hours of the morning of the 5th, a garden shed at a property in The Suttons was set alight, fire crews attended and made it safe.

This was right on the beach front, very strange, again, if you were up in the early morning and saw anyone acting strangely, please let us know on 101. Thank you. May I also remind everyone not to leave anything on show in vehicles, and if you have been using a SatNav, rub the mark off the window, and don’t leave it in the glove box. Don’t give thieves a chance!

Please let me know any bits and pieces of village news. or post it through my letter box,

Larri Hayhurst, 18b Denham Way