Council approves £4.5k new gateways for Battle

BATTLE is to get two new ‘gateways’ into the town following a £4,000 grant from the Battle Partnership.

Battle Town Council wants to place white wooden gateways at the entrances to the town in London Road and Hastings Road.

The project will cost a total of £4,555, with the remaining amount to be paid for by the town council.

At a Battle Town Council meeting last week, councillors thanked the Battle Partnership for the grant.

However Cllr Richard Jessop reported one member of the Partnership did not agree with the decision and has resigned from the body as a result.

The council hopes to place a further two gateways in the town in the future.

Vice chairman Cllr Sylvie Pry said the gateways could help make London Road and Hastings Road safer.

Cllr Pry said: “There is evidence the gateways slow the traffic down, so there is an extra incentive.”

Councillors voted to accept the grant and to let the contract for the work to be carried out.

It is not yet clear when the new gateways will be put in place.