Council funding for ‘Vital’ Rye bus

RYE Community Transport has received £6,000 funding from Rye Town Council which will help fund a new vehicle and allow concessionary fares to continue.

Head of operations for Rye Community Transport Pat Hughes said there was great concern over county council cuts to concessionary bus fares which will see the time people can access cheaper fares move from 9am - 9.30am.

She said: “It is causing an enormous amount of anxiety. In a rural area like this people do need to be able to get places.

“The changes mean that some people may not be able to afford to get to early morning doctor’s appointments.

We believe we are here for the entire town, not just for elderly people and those with mobility problems.

“The economic well being of the town is served by getting people to things they want to do such as gigs, concerts, plays and even darts matches.

“I do think this service is absolutely vital.

“We have never received any money from Rother Council over the years. All we benefit from is a £100 discretionary rate rebate.

“If we don’t replace or buses we won’t be here in 20 years time, which is what we intend.”

Cllr John Breeds said: “This is possibly the most valuable thing we can support as a council. Dozens of people just wouldn’t be able to get around with out this service. It is absolutely essential.”

Councillors voted unanimously in favour of awarding the grant. Of the money, £4,000 will be used to help fund a new vehicle and £2,000 to fund the extension of concessionary fares.