Rye schools fee Olympic buzz

26/6/12- Olympic event at Rye Sports College
26/6/12- Olympic event at Rye Sports College

SCHOOLS in the Rye area were getting set for the Olympics when Rye College hosted an Athltics Festival last week.

The week-long even was under the banner of Schools World Sports Day and National School Sports Week Mini 2012 Games

With the London 2012 Olympic Games approaching fast Rye College chose to invite 1,000 pupils from their partner primary schools to take part in competitions.

Each day, throughout the week, a different Year Group attended an afternoon of Quad Kids athletic activities. Pupils from Rye Primary (Spain), Brede (Jamaica), St Michael’s-Playden (Canada), Peasmarsh (India), Beckley (Italy), Icklesham (Australia), Guestling Bradshaw (Great Britain) and St Thomas’, Winchelsea (France) participated in the games, dressed as their themed countries.

The action started each day with a Games march-on led by the Rye College Bloco drummers and carnival dancers. The Primary schools, who had dressed pupils in the colours of their chosen country, complete with a standard bearer carrying their chosen country’s flag, followed on behind.

The event was run by a committee of Year 10 Sports Ambassadors, as part of their sports leadership training.

These students were assisted by a further 90 Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students, who acted as guides, recorders, track judges, field judges and mentors.

They helped to run a Mini 2012 Quadrathlon consisting of “Vortex Howler” throw, standing long jump, 40 - 75 metres sprint and a 200 - 600 metres distance race, depending on age.

As results were collated, inter school relay races entertained and had the children cheering on their teams along the home straight.

The afternoons concluded with all children receiving participation certificates, as well as medallists from each of the, up to thirty one activity groups, being presented with gold, silver and bronze medals on a Union Flag emblazoned podium.

In addition, pupils were presented with coloured wrist bands depicting the 7 Olympic and Paralympic values of Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality when they were seen exhibiting the values during the afternoon.

Rye College Sports Head John Lovell said: “The week was a fantastic success for visiting primary pupils and Rye College student hosts.

“It fully encompassed the Olympic spirit and helped raise awareness of the forthcoming games and the values of both Olympic and Paralympic competition.”