‘Eternally grateful’ to Battle fire crews

AN ELDERLY woman, who was left laying on the floor with a broken hip for 14 hours following a fall, says she is ‘eternally grateful’ to Battle’s firefighters for coming to her rescue.

But Maureen Newson says she is ‘outraged’ that her rescuers’ jobs could now be at risk under controversial proposals to downgrade Battle Fire Station to retained status.

Maureen, 82, was alone when she tripped over a rug and fell at her home in Whatlington Road back in August.

Because she was in so much pain, Maureen was unable to get up.

Battle’s firefighters were due to pay Maureen a visit the following day to conduct a home safety visit - a service which could be at risk if the downgrade goes ahead.

Unable to summon help, Maureen spent the night laying on the floor, awaiting rescue.

When a firefighter called round at 10am, Maureen resorted to throwing shoes at the window in a bid to get his attention.

She said: “I shouted at him that I thought I had broken my hip and could not stand.

“He called his team and they broke in to the house by the back door and helped me.

“They called a neighbour on my behalf and called an ambulance.

“They were wonderful.”

Maureen was in hospital for about a month following the accident.

She said: “If the firefighters had not been there, I do not know what would have happened.”

Maureen says she is ‘outraged’ at proposals to downgrade the station, adding: “They do not just deal with fires, they are there for lots of other reasons.

“I would hate to see them go, I really would.

“I will do anything I can to support them. I am eternally grateful to the firefighters.”

Niece Camilla, from Battle, added: “I dread to think what would have happened if the fire crew hadn’t turned up to do that routine safety call.

“I think Maureen knows they probably saved her life.

“She had been laying there on the floor all night with no way of getting help. We are just one of the many families who are so grateful to them.”