Feedback on bin scheme positive

Mr. Stephen Hardy MBE in last Friday’s Observer paints such a depressing picture of Robertsbridge residents in his diatribe on the new Waste & Recycling service. I have a vision of him walking down the High Street in his specially made tee shirt with “I’ve got an MBE” emblazoned on the front, peering into people’s bins. Clearly he is preparing his campaign for next year’s elections.

He rubbishes (please forgive the pun) the introduction of the new service and criticizes Robertsbridge residents for putting the wrong bins out. Perhaps some did but Rother went to great lengths to ensure people had all the relevant information; a leaflet was sent to all residents in December, another in April and the booklet with full details and a collection calendar were sent in June. The Christmas calendar, press articles, the Rother website, drop-in events, officers visiting residents homes: all gave out the necessary information. The general feedback was that most were aware of, and very receptive to, the changes and that the details were clear.

For operational reasons it was necessary to miss one recycling collection in Robertsbridge whilst ensuring that the smelly residual waste was collected expeditiously. This was a “one-off” event. I would point out that residents have three times the storage capacity in their recycling bins and boxes than before but, if on 15 July people have too much recycling material, they can put it in a bag next to the recycling bin and it will be collected.

Finally a big thank you to Julia Delibero for her very positive and complimentary letter headed “Changes were well implemented” in the same edition of The Observer.

Tony Ganly

Rother District Councillor

portfolio holder for waste and recycling