Hundreds come to recycle event


A regular Recycle Swap Shop event at Rye is preventing tonnes of unwanted items from going into land-fill.

More than 200 people attended the last swop shop at St Mary’s Centre last Saturday.

The total weight of goods taken for reuse from all the recycle swap shops since they started in October 2012 is now over three tonnes.

Mike Pepler, who helps organise the events, said: “This time, over half a tonne of goods were brought to the event, with 66% of it being taken away by visitors, 21% of it going to charity shops for resale, 8% being recycled and just 5% being consigned to landfill.

“Some came with items they no longer needed but wanted to see go to a good home, while others came to browse to see if someone else’s junk was their treasure.

This has saved people money, as they have picked up things they may have had to pay for otherwise, though many make a small voluntary donation to the cost of running the event, and it has also helped the environment, by making better use of the resources we have and reducing landfill use.

“We would like to thank Fanny Baldwin and Janet Waddams for the hard work they have put in to all the Recycle Swap Shops at St Mary’s Centre – they would not have happened without them!.

“Sadly, this is the last one at which they are acting as co-ordinators, though I’m sure they will be attending future events.

“We are currently looking for a new co-ordinator for the St Mary’s Centre Recycle Swap Shops – if you think you could fill this role, or help as a regular volunteer, please email”

The next swop shop event is Sat November 22, at the Tilling Green Centre., Mason Road. More details can be found at