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• A jumble sale will be held at the Village Hall this Saturday afternoon, April 13, at 1pm. This will be in aid of BACE, Sue White’s Gambian Charity. You will recall that Sue and her husband John went back to the Gambia last year and the work they are doing has made a vast difference to improving the life, conditions and education facilities of the people there, particularly the children. Please do along to the village hall tomorrow as every penny raised goes towards this wonderful Charity and the work Sue and John are doing there

• Iden Parish Council met on Tuesday 2 April in the Village Hall at which four Parish Councillors were present together with County Councillor Keith Glazier and District Councillors Paul Osborne and Nick Ramus. There were approximately 15 members of the public also present.

Before the meeting PCSO Dan Bevan from Rye Police gave one of his regular reports. He advised that they were making strenuous efforts to catch the culprits of several recent burglaries in Peasmarsh and only a week ago in Playden Lane, Iden. This is the fourth burglary in Iden during the past six months and the modus operandi appears to be the same- residents leaving their home especially in the evening for a couple of hours. It was agreed that during the past two years Iden has endured very worrying and increased levels of crime when nationally the rate is reducing

Dan’s advice is that everyone must continue to be vigilant and report anything they see as being suspicious immediately. The Police are very happy to look at residents’ home security if they are at all concerned. There was also a brief discussion regarding the Neighbourhood Watch scheme and another appeal was made for coordinators in the village. The drive to finalise the Scheme is now underway and it was pleasing to see that some of the public who were present signed up. If anyone would like a home security visit or to join the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, please telephone Dan on 101 Ext. 66280 Mobile: 07796 195 639. A report was also given on the speed checks being made since the 30mph limit came into force on the main road through Iden. It is surprising how many drivers are continuing to ignore the restrictions and they must not assume they are not going to be prosecuted. It was agreed that the Police’s priorities will remain reducing the fear of crime and speeding through the village. The previous priority of anti social behaviour was downgraded as they have been very few incidents, thankfully, in recent months.

The Police were assured that they had both the Parish Council’s and the public’s fullest support in all they are doing at a time when their resources are so fully stretched. Literature and enrolment forms for the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme are available in Iden Stores or by telephoning 280304. Before the Parish Meeting commenced the Chairman thanked all those residents who had turned out in the cold weather recently to litter pick. This had amassed a great deal of rubbish by the roadsides and in the lanes, despite the efforts of residents generally who were constantly picking this up whilst out walking. A request was made that the next village litter pick day could be at a weekend when more helpers would be available. The Chairman also commented upon the recent cut off in water supply which had lasted almost 24 hours. He said that he had asked the Clerk to write to the Chairman personally of South East Water to complain about the lack of information and that Iden was not on their list to for emergency supplies. He said that the situation was serious enough to launch the Emergency arrangements if only to get water supplies to the vulnerable residents. South East Water were also asked what compensation they would be paying Iden residents. A question was asked about the situation regarding waste water as this is dealt with by Southern Water. The resident said that he was concerned he would be charged for the amount of coloured water that had to be washed away when the supply was reconnected. The Chairman said that a letter would also go to Southern Water posing this question. Planning consents have been granted for Corkwood Farmhouse, Readers Lane and Grove Farm. There were not any new applications to consider. The Council gave permission for the Iden Fete to be held in the playing field on Saturday 27 July subject to the usual conditions. It was also agreed that the ground could be used by Buckswood School for two days next month to play cricket. It was pointed out that many small Parish Councils around the country are received very large grants from the Olympic legacy in order to improve their sports pavilions and playing field facilities. 4 recent examples were given, including the grant awarded to Pett Sports Association of £48,000 to improve their pavilion building. It was agreed that it would be ill advised of Iden Parish Council not to investigate the possibility of using Olympic monies for its own playing field - to include the Play Area and Pavilion. A working party will now be set up combining the Parish Council, Sports Association and Fete Committee to take this forward, Having agreed voting procedures, Mrs Paula Riley was unanimously co-opted onto the Council to fill the recent vacancy. County Councillor Glazier gave an update on the pothole problem which has take up a considerable amount of Highways’ resources and money. There remains much to be done. He also confirmed that funding had been agreed to finish the Bexhill bypass. The next meeting of the Council will be on Tuesday May 7 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

• The Annual Parish Meetings for the election of Churchwardens and PCC members will be held on Thursday April 25 at 7pm in the Old Hall. Refreshments will follow the meetings.

• There seems to be some doubt as to whether the Mobile Library will be able to come this week. At present it is scheduled for April 22 only This affects the coffee morning. If anything changes, the usual banner will be displayed outside the village hall in good time. Otherwise, the Coffee Morning will be between 11am and 1.30pm on April 22.

• Do hope everyone has their ticket for the Pantomime on 20th April. Unfortunately I shall miss this wonderful innovation to bring some jollity to the village in aid of 3 very good causes.(I am on holiday in Spain.)Thanks are due to Bob Hammond and the entire team.

• Despite the non appearance to date of spring, the open gardens this year will be on Sunday June 9. If anyone would like to open their garden for the day, please telephone John Harrison on 280240. All proceeds will be in aid of the Friends of Iden Church.

• The mid-week services resume at 9.30 am for Morning Prayer and 3.30 pm for Evening Prayer on Wednesday.

• The 9.30am service for the second Sunday of Easter will be Parish Communion led by the Vicar.

Marion Lovell, Abingworth, New England Lane, Playden