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Now that the school holidays are upon us, I’m stocking up the freezer for family visits. My husband reckons that he is last in the pecking order, after the cat when it comes to buying every one’s favourite food. Mother love can make us weird individuals of us .I remember those ‘baby layette ‘ lists we used to be given telling us how many crossover vests we needed, but they never thought to tell us just how much we would worry about our offspring. My pet worry was ‘choking’[I was always at the ready to do the ‘baby version’ of the Heimlich manoeuvre] Even now I can’t enjoy a family roast chicken dinner until those sharp, pointy bones in the chicken legs have been accounted for [it’s become a family joke.], and as for boiled sweets, well, it wasn’t until I saw the video of my teenage kids bungee-jumping from a railway viaduct in France that I began to buy them a quarter of mint humbugs! Completely daft, and where does worrying get us anyway? Much better to sit back and relax here in Iden , and let the world go by.

The number to call for booking the boot fair for Iden fete is 01797 280467. The number I gave last week was incorrect, apologies...

Now, Iden’s Rod Stuart wrote an article in last weeks Rye Observer, about his concerns over the lack of bell ringers in Iden. We do have a wonderful peal of bells in Iden Parish Church, made up of volunteers from our surrounding villages, and we are most grateful for them, but it would be ideal for each village to have it’s own bell ringers, and probably easier for our kindly volunteer bell ringers. As Rod explained, [and I must say this had never occurred to me], bell ringing is an art which can only be passed from one bell ringer to another, because there is no music to follow, just a sequence of chimes followed through oral instruction, relying on physical interaction. The number of bell ringers is dwindling, and yet being a capable bell ringer is something to be proud of. Hearing the sound of Church bells filtering through a village heralds a happening in the church, and the mere strength and persistence of those chimes is very ‘stirring’. Bell ringing requires only a weekly practice, with no particular physical attributes required., so, if anyone in Iden would like to become a bell ringer, the person to contact would be Frank Wenham [telephone [01233-758362]]. There is fun and camaraderie in bell ringing and new ringers will be most welcome.

There is a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church, on Sunday 13th July, at 9.30 am.

The Pop- In will be on Monday 21st July at 11am in the village hall. Everyone is welcome for coffee/tea, biscuits and a nice chat.

Bingo will be held on Thursday 24th July in the village hall. Everyone from Iden and surrounding villages is welcome. Doors open at 2pm, eyes down at 2.30pm.Iden Bingo is gaining momentum. A light tea is served, and the afternoon is very jolly..

The Parish Council meeting took place on Tuesday 1st July in the village hall. The meeting was chaired by Michael Miller., and opened with a talk by Natalie Jaeger, support co-ordinator from the East Sussex British Red Cross .Natalie spoke of the many services offered to Iden and the East Sussex area, where teams of trained volunteers help with a myriad of much needed tasks for the sick and vulnerable. Support is available for those having just left hospital, and a transport service is available for hospital appointments. Tasks are available, such as shopping, dog walking, mobility- aid loans, help in times of long term power cuts [with food, hot water blankets etc.] and emotional support for the vulnerable. There is also interaction between areas served by the Red Cross, should a person need to travel out of their area. This is a very helpful, comforting service, any one of us may need, and nice to know that it’s there for us.

There was considerable discussion on the first World War Centenary .There will be a service at the war memorial on Monday 4th August, followed by coffee in the village hall. On 22nd August, there will be a talk in Iden Parish Church, on the First World War. On the 23rd, 24th and 25th August , in Iden Parish Church, there will be a ‘Tribute In flowers’, for those who served in the First World War. This should be a poignant, but heart warming tribute to those that served. Refreshments will be available during this time in the old hall by the church. Discussions are in progress about having the war memorial cleaned, and given a facelift, in memory of those who served in Iden in both world wars. The minutes of the Parish Council meeting can be read in full on the Iden notice board , and on the Iden Website[].

Getting back to family worries, when I say family prayers at night, I like to cover every eventuality, practically every life threatening ailment listed in ‘Davidson’s Principles and Practice Of Medicine’ gets a mention and every possible mishap. Sometimes the list is so long, that I can almost envisage poor God filling his hot water bottle and putting out the lights. I’m sure he whispers to me sometimes “it’s okay to just do a shortened ‘umbrella’ version Gill. Just say ‘please keep every one safe Amen’” Perhaps I will because I do need the rest.!

Have a lovely week and may you all keep safe.

If anyone wishes to contribute village news, thoughts or ideas to the Iden village voice please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797-280311]

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street