WHAT A MUG: Since Christmas, I’ve been drinking out of a snow man mug with one of those striped, candy cane handles. Why, you may ask, when after all, we are only just stepping out of summer. Well, it’s because it has a nice shape, it’s cheerful, and it holds nearly a pint of tea, so for me it’s the equivalent of a comfort blanket. Mind you, if anyone comes, it gets banished to the larder, like an embarrassing relative, and out come the posh cups, but rarely does anyone important call on us anyway [lets face it why would they, when the householder drinks out of a snowman mug] Similarly, I’m sure that all of us have from time to time had a cardigan, so dilapidated that it’s hard to tell where the holes end and the ‘cardie’ begins, but we love it , because it’s warm , and probably soft, it wraps us up, and we feel as though we are wearing a hug. We only wear it mind you, in the confines of our own home, in front of people who like us anyway, come hell or high water, but after all, what we do, or wear in our own home is our affair isn’t it? I wonder why, on occasions, we insist on clinging on [like a drowning man to a life raft] to things that are not quite perfect, or in the right context.. I think it’s a need to have a mini rebellion now and again, a rest from perfection, because life is rather ‘homogenized’ these days isn’t it? Now where’s that old vest I wear to bed!

SAVE THE DATE: I have been given the dates of the next Iden Pantomime, so if any of you are thinking of going away for those dates. Don’t! [it would be unwise,] because when else do we get to see Iden folk, previously regarded as sane, prancing about in wigs and full makeup., making, lets face it, a ‘ pig’s ear’ of themselves! Going to see an auntie in Penge, wouldn’t be half so much fun. She would only go on about her ailments and unrequited love, and probably fall over and forget completely what she was saying, and lets face it they do all that in Panto anyway, and you’ve saved on the fare! SO—The dates are [fanfare please] March 20th and 21 st [A Friday and Saturday]

SAVE YET ANOTHER DATE: The Harvest Supper in the village hall is on Saturday October 4th. Tickets, when available will be on sale in Iden Stores.

HOW ARE YOU GETTING ON WITH THE BINS?: We constantly forget which week it is for general rubbish, and which for garden rubbish and for specific collectables. It isn’t rocket science, but we still have to lean out of the window and see what our neighbour’s have put out [and please God they aren’t doing the same, because we would be in a two and eight] Anyway, it does seem to be fairly straightforward don’t you think?

SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There will be a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church, on Sunday 7th September at 9.30a.m. .

THE POP-IN: This will be on Monday September15th at 11 am in the village hall. Everyone is welcome.

BINGO: Eyes down in Iden for Bingo on the 18th September. Doors open at 2pm. Bingo is really gaining momentum, not surprisingly, because it’s a great way to spend an afternoon, with tea and sandwiches/cake, thrown in for only a pound. Lovely to see all the folks brandishing their bingo markers!

Dandelion clocks: The ‘Tribute In Flowers in Iden Parish Church was a sight to behold wasn’t it? Try as I might, I cannot imagine a world without flowers can you? Well, when I was a child, I was given a book called ‘Joan In Flower Land’, and I love that book. It is enchanting. The fairies in this book have hats made from Foxgloves, They go to the shoe shop to try on ‘Lady’s Slippers, they put their babies to sleep in ‘thistledown’, they drink from ‘buttercup heads’, and. they sweep the floor with [yes you’ve got it, ‘ Broom’] They visit an aged gnome who hands out ‘Dandelion clocks’ so they can tell the time! It’s such a charming book, and when we are out for a walk, I sometimes call it to mind and wax lyrical about it, particularly if we come across Lady’s Slippers, [my husband says it makes him lose the will to live!] [Oh yes, and they have lights made from ‘Jack –O-Lanterns] [ Cape Gooseberries]

Don’t go: I haven’t quite finished. They write letters with daisy petals, held like quills. Anyway, it was by Margaret Tarrant, published in 1935. I wonder if anyone in Iden has one! I bet there is one lurking in someone’s attic. The illustrations are lovely. [Just a bit of trivia for you]

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Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street