Injured deer rescued from stream

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AN INJURED deer was rescued from a woodland stream in Dallington.

On Wednesday May 16, local residents had cut a young fallow deer free from stock fencing and released her.

But the following day the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service was called out to Dallington Forest following reports the deer had been found in a stream, unable to get out.

Rescuers were quickly on the scene.

Trevor Weeks, from East Sussex WRAS, said: “It was quite a drive down a long bumpy track into the depths of a woodland.

“We were shown where the deer had been last seen, and after a 10 minute search she was found hidden behind some vegetation.

“Rescuer Stuart and I approached the two-year-old deer from either end of the stream. As she tried to climb out Stuart was able to grab her and pin her to the floor.

“After a brief assessment of her injuries, we loaded her onto a stretcher and carried her back to the ambulance where she was secured and transported back to the WRAS Casualty Care Centre.”

Back at the centre, which is located at Whitesmith on the A22, the deer was given medication and her wounds were cleaned and washed by the team.

After letting the animal settle down, three of the wounds on her leg were stitched.

Trevor said: “One wound was over six inches long and almost down to the bone.

“Another wound up on her thigh was quite nasty, as well as a wound on her foot and several puncture marks on her head and rear.

“The ligature pressure has caused thickening of the skin in several places but we are treating her and giving her medication to encourage circulation to counteract this damage.

“Kathy and I have been working hard over the weekend, getting her standing, keeping her wounds clean, and medicating her twice a day and encouraging her to eat and drink.

“We are not sure whether the leg is going to recover, but we are giving it a good go, and fingers crossed she will make a recovery.”

For all rescue and wildlife advice, contact WRAS duty co-ordinator on 07815 078 234.

This number is available 24 hours a day for emergency calls or 10am-7pm for non-emergency calls and advice.