Migration will be under the spotlight at Rye symposium

Stephanie Rubin SUS-141106-150925001
Stephanie Rubin SUS-141106-150925001

IMMIGRATION is the topic as Rye’s School Creative Centre holds its third annual symposium on Tuesday June 24 from 11am - 2pm.

It will examine the role migration plays within the arts and within the wider world.

Resident artist Stephanie Rubin will present her work ‘Tracing Thames Chronicles’, a sculptural installation charting the histories of first, second and third generation Londoners looking at issues of disembodiment and isolation, as well as the migration of social and personal histories.

Dr Gary McKay is a research scientist at Float Research UK, a dedicated geo-spatial engineering firm specialising in remote sensing and digital cartography who will be presenting a talk on The Art and Science of Visualisation in Mapping.

Local artist Jamie Griffiths will be presenting the first stage of her ongoing project IN and OUT which examines the processing of our personal information, and how this process is translated into some form of data. Informed by the immigration process of the United States.

Mary Goody, artist and art historian, will be presenting her talk ‘Borders, Boundaries, and Daisy Chains.

Admission is free.