Misty come home

Misty SUS-140406-092752001
Misty SUS-140406-092752001

A FAMILY has launched a heart-felt appeal to find their pet dog Misty who went missing from the Guestling area two years ago.

They have never given up hope on finding Misty, a Sheltie breed that looks like a small version of a ‘Lassie’ dog.

Their hopes have been kept alive by several sightings of Misty across the Rye area.

Misty was being looked after at Rock Lane, Guestling, whilst her owners were on holiday in September 2012.

On September 19 she slipped her collar and escaped. It was a few days before her owners found out that she had gone missing.

Since she has been missing, she has been sighted in Three Oaks, where her home is, Westfield, Broad Oak, Brede, Winchelsea, Pett village, Pett Level, Fairlight village, Fairlight country park, Guestling, Ore and Icklesham. Her owners think she seems to travelling in a triangle between these villages.

Family friend Tracy Knight, who is helping in the search for Misty, said: “There have been several sightings in all of these places and this has been confirmed by talking to the people who have spotted her and also by the lovely Dog Tracker team, which has reunited more than 70 dogs nationwide.

“Misty the resilient but very elusive girl has not been seen for a few weeks.

“She was last spotted in March this year in a layby in Icklesham. She was described as having a very matted coat. Sheltie dogs require regular grooming, so her coat will be very mattered by now.

“A tracker dog was called and managed to find a slight scent of Misty in Icklesham. It also picked up her scent at Pett Level indicating that she had been there recently too.

“It is amazing to think that this small dog has managed to survive for so long, with all the awful, wet weather we have had the past couple of winters.

“Misty is registered on Doglost.co.uk which is a national organisation run entirely by volunteers, local helpers have been helping in the search for Misty, posters have been placed in areas she has been seen and leaflets given out.

Her poster can be seen at http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=43310#.U4zpSma3PMK

“Another sighting is needed so we can focus on the area where she is at the moment, Please could people look out for Misty, she could be anywhere in any of the above areas, if she should be sighted, please phone the numbers on Doglost poster or Misty’s owners on 07774 949294.