No curry at best Indian!

Ambrette latest award
Ambrette latest award

THE Ambrette in Rye has been named the best Indian restaurant in the South East despite not serving up curry.

The High Street restaurant, which only opened its doors last year was given the award by the Cobra Good Curry Guide.

The Ambrette is run by award winning chef Dev Biswal, whose first restaurant in Margate gained cult status with food enthusiasts. Dev is known for his innovative dishes which use traditional Indian spices and flavourings in a subtle way to create new interpretations of modern cuisine.

His delicate take on Indian fusion food soon led to a Michelin Guide recommendation and saw the Ambrette being rated Kent’s number one restaurant by Trip Advisor.

Despite being listed in all the major restaurant guides and having won numerous awards, Dev feels that the Cobra Good Curry Guide tribute is the pinnacle.

Dev does not like the word ‘curry’, a term which does not exits in any of the languages of the subcontinent, to describe such a vast array of culinary styles and foods which are found across India.

“Because we don’t serve curry or have any of the usual dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala or Lamb Korma on our menu, I never expected my cooking to be recognised by this curry bible,” said Dev, adding, “I have great respect for the Bangladeshi community as the pioneers of Asian food in this country, but much of the Indian food served here is stuck in a 1940’s time bubble.”

Now in its 30th year, the new 2013 edition of Cobra Good Curry Guide 2013 has just been published. The Guide’s strap line is “Britain’s Top Restaurants as chosen by you”, and the information is compiled with the help of hundreds of members of the public.

“The Ambrette is one of the elite few - it is a fantastic achievement,” said Pat Chapman, Editor of the Cobra Good Curry Guide.