How can bad drivers exploit a legal loophole to keep on the road?

We are a nation of motorists, a tribe so wedded to the idea of car ownership that we see getting behind the wheel as a human right.
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Tony Smith with Carnival and Misty SUS-170224-072436001

Volunteers needed to help horse charity

There are many different ways to get involved in the community and for animal lovers, there’s no shortage of opportunities to help our vulnerable four-legged friends. RVA works with a number of local animal charities, which rely on volunteers to operate.

Blaise is concerned that we may lose sight of good old fashioned common sense to mob rule

In the clamour for instant justice we shouldn't give way to mob rule

If I could sum up the 21st Century so far I would describe it as the era during which the world lost respect for almost everything.
Front Line News with David Horne SUS-160422-121044001

Blood letting in Battle – first blood

I am the proud possessor of a badge which says I have given blood 10 times. My first donation was a few years ago at Battle Memorial Halls:


etc columnist Louise Margaret

Why the good old-fashioned cluttered look will always prevail

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Katy Bourne

Katy Bourne: Hate crime will not be tolerated

Sussex’s police and crime commissioner Katy Bourne on the rise of hate crimes since the Brexit vote.

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In the House with Huw Merriman SUS-151007-132058001

A beginners guide to how Parliament makes law

Last week Parliament was again debating and voting on the legislation which, when passed, will give the Government the powers needed to start the process of leaving the EU.

From House to Home with Amber Rudd MP SUS-160526-130924001

Playing a part in humanitarian aid starts on our doorstep

In our communities in Hastings and Rye we can be proud of our commitment to support some of the world’s most vulnerable.

Small village schools are at risk

Small village schools are at risk of closure because of unfunded costs

On the outskirts of many English towns, adjacent to greenbelt and farmland, you will find small village communities situated around a local school, church and public house (the pub) – and many of these communities have been established for centuries.

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etc columnist - Alexia Rowley

Now love really is in the air

Blaise want to share the pain of getting on the property ladder with his children

By not planning to build we're constructing a crisis for our children

If I had a pound for every time I’ve been told that moving house is the most stressful thing we do, I would have stopped making my own sandwiches years ago.

Conservation work and preparations for next season are still ongoing SUS-170602-081658001

Could you help showcase our history?

Battle and District Historical Society

The Venerable Fiona Windsor, Archdeacon of Horsham

Listening to each other in a society of respect

So here we are, well under way with the new year.

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Volunteer Alison (right) with Clocktower service-users, young people who are either homeless or in supported accommodation in Brighton & Hove.

A helping hand for young homeless people

We were shocked to hear last week that rough-sleeping in Brighton and Hove leapt 84% between 2015 and 2016, making it the local authority with the second highest levels of rough sleeping the country, after Westminster.

Winchelsea Church

Winchelsea, terrible tempests and Romney’s laughing frogs

This week my intention was to feature the Royal Military Canal that more or less curves around the edge of Romney Marsh in East Sussex before extending on into Kent.

ABC at the Department for Transport in December, urging immediate action on Southern Rail  CREDIT: Bradley Rees SUS-170202-141735001

Emily Yates: Passengers lead the call for rail justice

Parliament has failed in holding the Department for Transport to account – Southern Rail passengers have nowhere left to go but court.

In the House with Huw Merriman SUS-151007-132058001

Europe and America do not Trump My Local Concerns

Parliament was this week dominated by the bill to allow Britain to leave the EU and by President Trump’s temporary immigration ban on seven countries across the globe.

From House to Home with Amber Rudd MP SUS-160526-130924001

Service shows our tolerance of diversity

Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, the rule of law and equal rights – these principles underpin how we live our lives and how we define our society, they enable us to celebrate diversity and come together as one.

Ian Harris, volunteer driver and office manager with Bexhill Community Bus SUS-170130-105059001

Volunteers are our bus-driving force

Rother Voluntary Action

Front Line News with David Horne SUS-160422-121044001

Forgive us our Trespasses

“How did you get over my stock fence?” were his opening words of welcome, when he spotted us.

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