Shaken and stirred without warning

RESIDENTS living along Rye’s coastline could be forgiven for thinking the area was being hit by an earthquake this week with many reporting their houses literally shaking following the aftershock of a series of incredibly loud explosions from the Lydd Ranges.

We have lived alongside what has been a military training ground since before the First World War in relative harmony.

But we think that in this instance the Ministry of Defence had a duty of care to local people to inform and warn them that something of that magnitude was taking place.

Police time was also wasted as they dealt with a high number of calls from anxious residents wanting to know what was going on.

Many elderly people were genuinely frightened by this and pets were terrified. Surely the MOD could have used various news channels to get this information across.

Rye’s new cinema passed another planning hurdle this week when Rye councillors approved amendments despite a minority of councillors taking issue with the design.

We find ourself agreeing with Cllr John Breeds, born and bred in Rye, who said that a town is more than a collection of historic buildings but is made up of people.