What a week it has been!

IT has been quite a momentous week for Rye and the surrounding area .

The Government’s decision to allow a major expansion of Lydd Airport is sure to have long-term repercussions for the area.

The legality of the Government’s decision is already being questioned by objectors, but there are those who claim the expansion could bring much needed regeneration, creating jobs and boosting tourism - time will tell.

As the Observer went to press decisions were also imminent on two key planning decisions which could see Rye getting a new school and a new cinema complex.

We also bring the tragic inquest report of a young woman who drowned in shallow water at Camber Sands and next week we will be taking a full look at beach safety and the need for people to be more responsible and aware when they go into the sea.

On a national level we saw the death, this week, of Margaret Thatcher and bring you a report from Rye’s MP Amber Rudd on how Mrs Thatcher opened doors for women like her.