Rother to crack-down on toilet contractors

ROTHER Counci has responded to widespread criticism over the state of Rye’s public conveniences.

The council admitted the condition of some toilets is “unacceptable” and say they will crack-down on the contractors.

Rother’s head of amenities Kim Ross said: “The state of some toilets in Rye was clearly unacceptable and we are very sorry this was the case.

“We take the matter very seriously and we are continuing to pursue our contractor having made them aware that the level of cleanliness in the toilets fell well below what we expect. We also understand the contractor is undertaking some internal disciplinary measures.

“We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will take action against our contractors unless the situation improves. We would urge Rye residents and visitors to contact the Council if they notice a problem with toilets so we can rectify situations like this as quickly as possible when they emerge.

“The council has been keen to discuss the opportunities to devolve services to town and parish councils, and public conveniences is one service which could be considered.”