School calls for speed rethink

Playden Speed
Playden Speed

CHILDREN at St Michael’s Primary School, Playden, are leading a campaign to get the speed limit outside their school reduced to 20mph.

At the moment road users can hurtle down narrow Houghton Green Lane at up to 60mph.

The children wrote letters and asked Labour’s candidate for MP Sarah Owen for help with their campaign.

Daisy, a pupil at the school, wrote, “...If one of us gets hit I will be sad, especially if it is my friend.”

Daisy’s classmate Will Neate highlighted how narrow the lane is outside his school, he said, “Imagine if a car hit a child at 60mph...change the speed now before it’s too late!”

Pupil Jessica wrote: “If someone got hit it is unlikely they would survive.”

After receiving numerous heartfelt letters Sarah hotfooted it to the school and met with pupils and teachers and promised to campaign for a reduction.

She said, “ It was fantastic to spend time with the bright and engaging pupils of Meerkat class who quizzed me on everything from their campaign for 20mph limits outside their school, politics and even sports like BMX and Stoolball.

“To be honest, I can’t believe the speed limit outside this school isn’t already at 20.

“Let’s call a halt to dangerous fast traffic near all our schools and ask the county for a speedy change.”

Sarah has now set up an petition asking East Sussex County Council to agree to the pupils’ request. You can sign online at