Stephen nominated Winchelsea Mayor for a second year

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STEPHEN Turner is set for a second term as Winchelsea Mayor after accepting a nomination from the Corporation of the ancient town.

The Mayor of Winchelsea and officers of the Corporation have been appointed on Easter Monday for more than seven hundred years. Since 1665 the ceremony has been held in the Upper Court Hall in the town.

The primary function of the Corporation is to act as custodian of the Town’s Ancient Monuments, The Town Gates, Town Well and Court Hall and to represent Winchelsea as one of the Head Ports within the Confederation of Cinque Ports.

The Pipewell Gate restoration is the current project and the Corporation has raised just over £5,000 during the last year and to everyone who has helped with this a big thank you.

Stephen Turner said: This will pay for the initial costs of establishing the specification of work required and submission of tenders from the specialist contractors. All possible support for our future fund raising events will be greatly appreciated so we can move forward with this essential work. An exhibition will be arranged shortly to show what is required and how much it will cost.”