Tribute to fearless council leader and local farmer

Tim Price SUS-140107-130751001
Tim Price SUS-140107-130751001

One of the most fearlessly outspoken chairmen of council ever to hold office for Rother District has died at the age of 81.

Frank Price – usually known as Tim - brought a life-time of farming experience to his service with the local authority.

He was a doughty debater both in committee and in full council, coming straight to the point and expressing himself in unequivocal terms.

To this tough approach to local politics was allied bluff good humour, a generous nature and a vast fund of goodwill.

He was elected as Rother councillor for Northiam and served as chairman of the local authority in 1985-86.

Tim came with his parents to Great Stent Farm at Northiam in 1942 taking over the running of the 350–acre farm from his mother in 1980 and specialising in his later years in dairy farming.

He was an active member of the National Farmers’ Union, serving as Northiam branch chairman. He also served as a member of Northiam Parish Council for many years.

Tim leaves sons Tim junior, a horse trainer, and Ben, who took over the running of Stent Farm from his father in 2000.

Tim Price will be remembered in both local politics and in the rural community for his uncompromising commitment to his ideals, an open and uncomplicated approach to life and for a broad smile which was ever-present and totally genuine.

Tim Price died in the Conquest Hospital at Hastings last Saturday following a fall on the farm from a quad bike ten weeks before. His funeral arrangements have yet to be finalised.