Richard Holmes,

I’m very grateful to Nan Hacking for the following account of “Tempting Tastes of Autumn Made Easy”, a fundraising event in St Mary’s Community Hall last Wednesday morning, October 17.

“The Hall was nearly full as over 60 people sat down to watch a demonstration by Emma Ainsley, a well-known local caterer from Salehurst, who was assisted in the kitchen by Penny Anderson. We learnt about how to make a delicious and easy starter, Rye Bay Scallop Ceviche, which needed no cooking as such, but was marinated in lime juice, and an easy way to make and keep Bearnaise sauce. This was followed by learning a new technique of poaching stuffed chicken breasts in clingfilm, and the menu ended with how to make a perfectly rich Tarte Tatin. Lots of cooking tips were threaded into the demonstration, and many of the audience had the chance to ask questions throughout. We then had the chance to sample tasters of all the menu and some canapés, all washed down with a glass of wine! It was a very enjoyable morning, and because of people’s generosity and Rachel Dunn’s hard work, about £1,000 was raised for Hall funds. We did feel that if we put on a similar event again, we ought to have a stage or a large reflecting mirror, so that more people in the audience had a better view.”

This morning (Friday) the Mobile Library will be at Lower Cross Cottages between 10.15 and 10.40am, and in the Hall car park between 10.55 and 11.15am. This is a wonderful community asset, which will survive the next round of financial cuts only if lots of us support it. The library’s next visit is due on Friday November 9, same times same places.