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Music: Tonight is music night at the Pavilion in Burwash Common. Local talented singers and musicians will be there to entertain you. These evenings are always great for an evening with friends and family to enjoy the talent locals. The licenced bar will be open. Do go along and help make the atmosphere congenial for these artists.

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Fairlight news


Church matters: There is just the one service in the parish this Sunday, February 19, which is Morning Praise at St Andrew’s at 10.30 am. The guest speaker and celebrant at this service will be

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Sedlescombe news


NEW BOOK CLUB: The new book club has started meeting this year but there is still time to join in. They meet in the pub on the last Tuesday of each month at 2pm, so February 28 and have arranged ‘reads’ for the next 4 months so if you enjoy reading, sharing your enthusiasm for a good read and the idea of a monthly meet up over a cup of tea with a small informal and friendly group, then please get in touch with Glynis on or telephone 870804

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Robertsbridge news


Robertsbridge Community College: is holding an In door Boot Sale tomorrow Saturday 25th February between 10am – 2pm.

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Peasmarsh news


Mobile Library: The next visit of the Mobile Library will be on Thursday 2nd March 2017.

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Staplecross news


COMMUNITY NEWS & REVIEWS: DON’T FORGET - TODAY - Friday February 24th. is your LAST CHANCE to come along to the Open Meeting in which Huw Merriman, our local MP; Angharad Davies, our ESCC representative and Tony Ganly our RDC representative will be holding an open forum, TODAY at the Village Hall, Northiam Road, Staplecross between 11.0am and 12.30pm and again in the evening at 6.00pm. This may be the only opportunity you may have to bring any concerns, queries and questions to this meeting as forums like this are rather rare in our rural parts. Both time slots are for ‘Open Meetings’, inviting you to come and meet your local councillors, of Parish, Rother & East Sussex together with your M.P. to talk about any local problems, issues or areas of concerns that you may have. Many of us have concerns about what is happening within our community and if it matters to you and you want to know what is going on, now & in the future, - now is your chance to talk about them to those who aught to know the answers. Please come along and have your say on any subject matter relating to our community - Don’t miss it ! - Say Your Piece !

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Mountfield news


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: At the time of filing this Village Voice, this is very much late breaking news. There will be an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting (EPCM) on Tuesday March 7th, at 7.30, in Mountfield Village Hall. As with previous EPCMs, the meeting will have a single subject.

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Northiam news


St Francis Fields: Well, the vote has been taken, and the village is going to try to purchase the Blue Cross land. I know a lot of people have been concerned about this, and the speed with which events unfolded, but I understand that events rather took over.

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Bodiam news


Classic car show: The Senlac Classic Car Show will take place on June 18 at the Bodiam Recreation Ground. Residents of Bodiam will get a letter from The Rotary Club of Senlac and each resident will get 2 free tickets for each house in Bodiam. Charities supported this year are Conquest Hospital scanner, Diabetes UK and Senlac’s Yellowmen.

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Brede news


How to contact me: by telephone 01424 882037 or email

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Westfield news


At last the spring flowers: are starting to appear, and the daffodils on the main road are a welcome sight as you come into the village. Take a look in the churchyard, too.

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Netherfield news


Claverham Monday Badminton Club: Monday 20 February was the most well attended session I can remember for many years. Therefore I am ceasing my attendance drive from this week onwards

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Catsfield news


Three days of forthcoming events in Catsfield

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Etchingham news


MOBILE LIBRARY: The Mobile Library now visits Etchingham once every three weeks, on Tuesday mornings 9.40am to Parsonage Croft outside the School and village halls.

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Udimore news


DIGGING UP THE PAST: In her talk to some sixty of us in the Hall last Saturday afternoon, Sue Lee presented a brilliantly concise survey of the geological and cultural processes that have shaped the landscape that we see around us today. Though intensive woodland clearance and subsequent cultivation of the land in Southeast England has left us with relatively little scope for new local major archaeological discoveries, she encouraged us all to be on the lookout for remnants of the past: a display of her own finds of flints and pottery set us a good example. Recent research, she told us, has also shed new light on the percentage of Neanderthal DNA in our ancestry, some distinct traces of which are still visible. Furthermore, our ancestors of 10,000 years ago in most respects differed very little from their descendants today!

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Sandhurst news


Football: Today Sandhurst FC are fourth in division 4 in the East Sussex Division. Won 5, 4 draws, lost 5 with 19 points.

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Whaltington news


HELLO: The warmer weather has certainly been a welcome relief from the harsh cold of the past few weeks. It has felt positively spring like and new plant life is appearing all over the garden. Don’t forget to get your eggs, flour and lemons ready to celebrate Shrove Tuesday next week.

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Iden news


A VERY BRITISH PANACEA: Isn’t a cup of tea just the ‘ bee’s knees’? Isn’t it tea that got us through the war? Isn’t it tea that gets us through grief and childbirth [ well, for the fathers anyway] Isn’t it tea that precedes a good chat, a sharing of secrets and joys and heartache, and isn’t it tea that even if we’re on our own says ‘sit down for heaven’s sake, take a load off. The world is not going to stop if you make a brew’. What is it about just putting a tea bag in a cup that makes a person relax?. The best lines in the film ‘The Second-Best Marigold Hotel’, are surely when Maggie Smith tells an American how to make a cup of tea. It’s only a plain old brown infusion when you way it up, just varying degrees of tan, from ‘milky’ to ‘builders’ according to taste, and yet it’s so revered. It’s a shame that we so rarely have tea and cakes now at four -o-clock, and a round of crust -less sandwiches. My aunt used to wheel in a tea trolley at 4pm sharp, and we drank out of cups, so thin and delicate, you could almost see through them. Now I prefer a mug [the bigger, and chunkier the better], but I will never be able to erase the memory of sitting around that tea trolley in a little circular group, sipping piping hot tea, trying to hold on to the cup’s fragile handle. I wonder if the youth of today are going to pay homage to this beverage in quite the same way. Their coke cans, or plastic water bottles, carried around like an appendage, may continue to be their preference, but I do hope not, because you don’t just drink tea, it becomes a part of your soul!

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Icklesham news


GREETINGS: I had expected to find Cumbria very wintry and dreary when I was there last week. Not a bit of it. Cold certainly but so many flowers ! The soil obviously suits them because there were carpets of snowdrops in gardens and all along the roadside verges. And many more daffodils than even we have. The hills in the far distance were snow-capped and the sky was blue. It was beautiful.

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Ninfield & Hooe news


Waistline Woes!: It seems that each season can be denoted by a specific foodstuff, we link certain events and festivals to fancy foods...and therein lies a problem..! When I was restarting all my dance classes after Christmas, I promoted one exercise in particular, a waist / hip toner, in a ‘fun’ fashion, as targeting the ‘Mince-Pie Area’...and then, lately, made the lovely ladies laugh again by saying, ‘well, now we’ll update it, and work on the ‘Hot Cross Bun Area’! But, actually...we’ve got Pancakes to cope with first; yes, it’s Shrove Tuesday on the 28th February, the day when every enthusiastic ‘chef’ tries to flip the perfect pancake, then ends up with a lot of sticky mess on either the ceiling or the floor! But! if the results are successful, then the next problem is the decision of what to have with/on your freshly tossed pancake.. lemon?.. sugar?.. maple syrup?.. or perhaps be slightly French and have a rolled ‘crepe’ with wilted spinach and cream cheese, and a dash of chilli..?!! or...How about Grand Marnier? Amaretto? Cream and Jam? See, the whole thing becomes a waistline wonderland, with woeful consequences! And.. it’s now making me feel very hungry! Still, if we all put our minds to it, we can indulge to our hearts delight, then work really hard on the ‘Pancake Area’ for a week, then hit the ‘Hot X Bun Area’, followed by a final onslaught on the ‘Easter Egg Area’ - notably a very difficult challenge, and then we’ll all be beautifully slim and fit for the ‘Fresh Fruit Salad Season’!...But!.. Hold on! Do you have yours au naturelle..?.. or with Ice Cream?.. Cream?...Yoghurt?... All of the Above?.. Aaaagh!.. See, it’s never ending! Good Luck all... we start with...

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