Villages all set to get improved bus service from June

Comm bus
Comm bus

AN improved bus service will make life easier for residents of Icklesham, Winchelsea, Winchelsea Beach and Rye Harbour.

Icklesham Parish Council has responded to concerns raised by residents when they responded to the Local Action Plan consultation last year.

Cllr Charles Bronsdon said: “For those without access to their own transport, which includes many young people and some older people, or for those who do not wish to drive, it is difficult to get into Rye and even more difficult to get home from Rye in the evenings.

“The Parish Council is sponsoring Rye and District Community Transport (RDCT) to plug this gap on three nights of the week. From June 1 RDCT will run the Icklesham Parish Bus from Rye Harbour leaving from the bus stop opposite Rye Harbour Stores at 7.15pm into Rye stopping at the Station. At 10pm those wishing to return to each of the three villages and Winchelsea will be able to catch the Icklesham Parish Bus at Rye Station, which is after the last train from Hastings gets in, and the bus will take them back close to where they live.

“The service will be provided on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. The scheduled bus service (344 or 100) will continue to enable residents in Icklesham, Winchelsea and Winchelsea Beach to get to Rye but does not run late enough to get them home. There is no service in either direction in the evenings for residents in Rye Harbour. Those using the service are asked to make a small contribution of £1 for an adult and 50p for under 16s by way of a fare.

“In future people will be able to get into Rye to enjoy the facilities the town has to offer for all age groups. It will also be possible to access the train service to go further afield, perhaps into Hastings, if this is your wish.

“The service will be run for a trial period of six months during which the popularity and importance of the service will be assessed. If the service is in demand it will be continued throughout the rest of the year.

“This is one of the actions the Parish Council is taking to implement better services for its residents, to respond to the feedback it has received and using its imagination to provide value for money for its residents and all those who pay Council tax.”

For more detail on the bus service contact: Rye and District Community Transport 01797 227722.