Visitors from Germany come to village school

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CHILDREN from Northiam Primary enjoyed learning about a different country when they had a visit from some German students last week.

The school did a special report on the visit for its own newspaper and this is what their reporter Georgina Wood had to say: The students from Berlin travelled on a coach and a ferry to get to Northiam.

The visit included: a tour of the school, making fruit salad, playing football and singing songs. All the pupils that came thought Northiam School was lucky to have animals such as chickens and guinea pigs. They also thought the class rooms looked fun and exciting, and the little children looked very cute!

Teachers from Ellef-Ringnes quoted “Northiam School was so fun and a great place to come to learn more English!”

Northiam children reported that fruit salad was fabulous it contained oranges, bananas, apples, raisins, almonds and the juice from a whole lemon.

The children learnt the names of the different fruit in both German and English. Laura Wells said “Personally the fruit salad was the best part!”

One of the highlights of the day was exploring the school grounds this included playing on the tyres. All the visitors thought that the tyres were exciting. Nathalie, age 14 from Berlin, said “I screamed at the chickens. They chased me!” The German children thought the animals were scary and beautiful at the same time. Sapphire and Ruby (the guinea pigs) and Goldie, Twinkle, Snowflake, Snowdrop, Bella and Eve (the chickens) were enjoying the extra attention.

The day ended with an England v Germany football match. It was very competitive and unfortunately poor Northiam lost 7-0 “We want a re-match!” said Dylan Ward from year six.

In the future Northiam school will write to the Ellef-Ringnes Grundshule and then possibly have a trip to see what German students get up to in a day.