A froggy love story

MY reply to Miss L Frog’s letter of August 23.

Dear Miss L

Will I do if I am blue? I don’t mean sad, triste, Edith Piaf type blue, but actually completely (and dazzlingly, I think) blue? You see I am an American tree frog, who has been very unkindly described by some as a freak of nature. This is downright hurtful. My genetic makeup is missing the yellow chromothingy which prevents me from being bog standard pond green and leaves me a stunning, stylish painterly blue – Turner eat your heart out! When I saw my reflection in a frozen puddle I was quite excited by my dashing image, I like me! I was in my bush in New Jersey (America, not the CI) and it was a foul, foul night, absolutely lashing down with rain and my bush was shaking violently. I didn’t hang about to be blown away so I used my special feet and took one flying leap towards a window and SLAP, I was safe. My special feet, you see, have sticky pads, making clinging on easy-peasey. So there I was stuck on the outside of the window looking in, and Sheila was on the inside looking out. I nearly lost my grip laughing at her astonished face. She even went to get a magnifying glass to get a closer look at me, and I must say, that I felt that was possibly a bit too personal. But that is where our friendship began.

Now you may very well think that I stowed away in her possessions when she returned to the UK, but I couldn’t possibly comment (ha ha), but keep your peepers open for a dash of bright blue, moving quickly, and we could meet up. I am actually on my way to the beach. I could grow to my full size of 2.5” long. How big are you? I am arboreal, so a plain pond habitat wouldn’t do for me. In fact I don’t know if I can swim, but hey, for some really lovely creature I might just pluck up the courage to take the plunge (ha ha).

Yours (very) interestedly

Mr Blue

Poste Restante:

Sheila Richardson

Stable Cottage, Wattles Wish, Battle, TN33 0JG