Broad Oak ‘kindest people in England’

The villagers of Broad Oak must be some of the kindest people in England. My brother Robin Pegler was found on the floor of his lounge having been there all night and unable to get up. A neighbour (aware of his problem) saw him through the window and phoned the emergency services. He has been in The Conquest for several weeks and has been diagnosed as suffering from Parkinson’s Plus which apparently is incurable.

Hitherto he had for a long time been falling periodically when out shopping and in his house. Many villagers had occasion to pick him up but as he was so stubborn he always refused any further help. A keen gardener and often winner of The Brede Tidy Garden Competition, he was lucky to have one neighbour who latterly came to his aid with the lawn etc., and his other neighbour has been so informative that I feel I’ve known her all my life.

He has two male friends of long standing from outside the village who have made my problem of distance (living in Worcester) much easier,and I hope many of Rob’s friends from Broad Oak will read this as a small token of my appreciation of their help.

Robin is very unlikely to be able to return home but he has been extremely lucky to have lived in such a friendly place. My thanks to all concerned.

Philip Pegler