Car wash does a great job

Whilst I agree Rye needs a fuel station, I happen to think the Total one is shabby and in dire need of smartening up; the shop is cramped and not pleasant to buy from, even the odd pint of milk. It is a blot on the landscape and I am pleased it will close down as long as another modern clean one will replace it.

However, I do not agree that the car wash is like a shanty town. I have never been to South Africa but have seen photos of so called shanty towns and in no way can I see a jot of resemblance.

The boys who wash the cars do a great job at cleaning and valeting for a very reasonable price. I worry that any screening will be cheap and nasty looking and actually draw attention to the site in a very obtrusive way because if screened they will have to attract customers by garish neon like signs.

As it is, the signs and information boards are subtle and in the background and they get the business by reputation and from the public seeing cars being washed; they are always busy.

In any case it is difficult to see how a car wash can be made attractive. I walk past there most days and past the garage. I much prefer looking at the car wash than the drab dirty garage.

Julia Farrington New Winchelsea Road, Rye