Climate is not set in stone

Au contraire Cllr Bantick, considerable doubt exists in the scientific community that “we are experiencing a change in our climate” (Rye View 30/11/12). Only politicians with fervent fiscal and political agenda promote ‘climate change’ - indeed it is on public record how they forcibly rewrote the scientific conclusion in the draft IGPCC report to read proof positive of man-made change!

Climate is an average weather pattern; by definition it suffers extremes! The monthly weather analyses in ‘The Daily Telegraph’ shows how normal our weather actually is. Climate is not set in stone: it is a function of the earth’s changing geology, oceanography and axial position relative to the sun. Our earth wobbles cyclically as it rotates - hence our naturally varying cyclical weather and climate patterns over decades, centuries and millenia. Had Cllr Bantick lived in Rye all his life he would know that around now the Rother tries to flood due to the inability of concrete roads and patios to absorb normal winter rain! Every winter we get frosts (arable farmers rely on it), icy roads and, every few years, deep snow. In spring, late frosts destroy fruit blossom. That’s normal!

Politicians assert man is responsible for climate change, so why don’t they call for sustainable population growth? Instead, they demand more immigration, more houses and roads on prime arable land and flood plains, more sports and procreation (exhaling more CO2), and more manufacturing in China which belches out ever more CO2 when building factories for highly toxic electric car batteries... which rely on useless wind-farms!

Politicians desperately need higher taxes to force construction of uneconomic wind-farms. They now demand an extra £170 p/a just to gawp at Rye’s stationary wind turbines on the many, normal, windless, high pressure zone deep winter days - just when we need them the most! Remember February? Worse, the Dim-Libs now say we will need fewer back-up power stations, despite Britain’s population explosion! No wonder they are almost extinct!

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane, Beckley