Don’t forget the villages in the snow

Very impressed to note that Rye Town Council are trying to prepare themselves in advance in case we get heavy/adverse snow etc this year. Great for Rye, but what about people who live in surrounding areas, and up at Hill Top Drive, past Rye Hill? Where I am told we come under Rye Foreign/Playden Parish Council, and this is their responsibility?

If so, whoever is responsible, can they note that when it snows, we are almost trapped in this area, as we do not get any gritting on the pavements or roads, so trying to get out of Hill Top Drive by car or foot is very, very dangerous, particularly for cars, sliding/skidding straight onto Rye Hill. You have been warned via this letter, so please try not to forget us this time and in the future please, as it feels you do!

Christine Ward,

Rye Hill