Objectors have a right to be heard

Dear Sirs,

I refer to the comment by Andy Stuart (in last week’s Rye Observer) regarding the cinema development in Rye, and my presentation at the Rother District Council Planning Meeting where it was determined.

Andy Stuart was present at that meeting, and had he been listening he would have heard me say I was in favour of the concept of a cinema. I did not speak against the planning application per se; I expressed the concerns of the many objectors who have real fears regarding the impact that this building will have in this most sensitive part of Rye’s Conservation Area. Their main concerns about late night noise and traffic were shouted down and mocked by supporters of the development at the Rye Town Council meetings where it was considered.

The primary role of any member of Rother District Council’s Planning Committee is to take all issues into account.

The objectors’ views are valid have a right to be heard. There were thirty three areas of concern listed by these objectors. Planning permission has now been granted so get on and deliver the project and prove these concerns are unfounded.

Yours faithfully, Sam Souster, Cllr. Sam Souster, RDC Rye Ward.