Pay toilets could be answer

Following the article on pg. 19 of the Rye Observer (Oct 26th) inviting opinions on the need for public toilets in Rye, I would like the opportunity to offer mine. The various public conveniences around the town are an essential part of the town’s infrastructure and were obviously built with that in mind.

To let such investments in public facilities go to rack and ruin is not only disgraceful but also foolish, considering the need to attract visitors to the town. I can see no reason why members of the public should not pay to use the toilets in order to defray the costs. This happens elsewhere. Turnstiles should be installed and the town’s conveniences overseen daily by caretaking staff.

Clean and efficient public conveniences are indicators of a civilised and cared for environment. If the public have to pay to use them, it must be accepted. In the interests of it’s business community, Rye should rebuild its reputation as a desirable and comfortable tourist attraction, and good public conveniences are an essential part of that.

Yours sincerely, David Noble.