Plans to travel quickly to the next bottle neck

My respected friend Tom Foy correctly alludes (Your View 15/2/13) to footfall, consumer demand and cash flow creating economic growth. The politicians’ role is to improve confidence in the economy to encourage businesses and consumers to invest and spend.

When I tried to explain that earlier, it provoked Richard Tilden-Smith into utter disbelief and the lecture of his lifetime defending his trusted ‘democratically elected political and economic management’ in rejuvenating our local economy and infrastructure. His latest diagnosis is that I have “finally lost all sensibility (really?); am engaging in half-truth hectoring (so he does recognise bona fide concerns then!) and burying my head” for trying to protect our countryside. And he cites £20bn scandalously wasted annually through traffic jams in his demands for more dualling and roads (across green fields?) to more speedily reach the next bottle-neck.

Conveniently, about £20bn is scandalously paid gross by us annually to the EU! So on that contemplative note, I await Richard’s next colourful prognosis from his well-thumbed thesaurus. TTFN!

Barry M Jones

Bixley Lane, Beckley