Robertsbridge needs a PCSO

In Robertsbridge we have lost our Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). Tina Grevett worked for us over the years, getting to know residents and often nipping trouble in the bud. Now she has moved on and we are left without a dedicated PCSO.

I understand she is not to be replaced, but that other PCSOs would respond when needed. This is not good enough. Robertsbridge is a large village. The key role of a PCSO is to get to know the residents, the young people, the elderly and vulnerable. This means spending time in the village.

On 27 May this year Katy Bourne, the Police and Crime Commissioner, made a commitment at a meeting of Rother District Councillors that she would maintain the budget for PCSOs. I have written to her office asking for a replacement for Tina and have had no answer, except for an acknowledgement of my query. I doubt that Katy Bourne would enjoy being accused of reneging on promises, so hope there are plans to replace our PCSO.

Cllr Sue Prochak

Rother District Councillor