Thanks for election votes

I would like to express my gratitude to those residents of Darwell who voted for me in the Rother District Council by-election in Darwell ward on Thursday 31st August.

The result showed a swing of 4% from the Conservatives to Labour since 2011. UKIP fielded a Candidate for the first time and had to take a share of the vote from other Parties; the Liberal Democrats were down by 10%, the Conservatives by 9%, Labour by just 1% and the Greens by 1%.

Voters realised that Labour cares about the cuts in buses which are affecting people’s ability to get to and from work as well as impacting on the ability of older residents’ to shop or visit their GP.

It was indeed a compliment that my policy of opposing Fracking in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty was to a large extent adopted nationally by the Conservatives just a week after my introductory letter was delivered through many of your letterboxes.

I trust that this positive result for Labour bodes well for the General Election next year when you will have the opportunity to support our excellent Parliamentary Candidate Michelle Thew.

Suz Evasdaughter

Labour Candidate for Darwell by-election

Sheepstreet Lane, Etchingham