Thanks to hard work of rail action group

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I would like to express my thanks to Stuart Harland and the committee members of the Marshlink Action Group, (MLAG), for their excellent efforts on behalf of all Rye users of the Hastings-Ashford line.

These volunteers have worked hard to ensure the best outcome possible for the users of the line during the closure and we rail travellers owe them a debt of gratitude.

I would also like to thank Jenny and Gordon at the station. The operation in Rye was really efficient and Southern need to know that.

The closure of the line has had a severe impact on long distance commuters. For the rest of us, I think that Southern have handled the closure very well and the half fares still on offer are most welcome. They should be better publicised. Like your previous contributor, I found the coaches comfortable and punctual.

Last winter, and in all too many winters before, passengers for the Rye train shivered in the freezing, unpleasant waiting area next to the Pumpkin Café on platforms 1 and 2 of Ashford Station, (where the doors have not closed for years,) having climbed the filthy stairs or used the dirty lift to get there.

I, for one, have delighted in missing that experience.

Cllr Mary Smith

Rye Town Councillor,