We need to preserve our history

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I quite agree with Alan Bolden, chaos would ensue in Rye if the Landgate were allowed to deteriorate any further. Of course it has been neglected by Rother. We all know where the majority of the money goes in this district, and it is not into the jewel of the county that is Rye!

No self respecting European town or city with such a heritage would put up with being sidelined so often.

Please let us keep our architectural treasures. Get the arch fixed up with a roof, a floor, a working clock, etc. Maybe then it could be made safe enough to open and perhaps pay for itself.

This ancient town attracts tourists, and we cannot survive without them. Let us keep them coming by smartening up and sorting out the damaging amount of large vehicles jeopardising our buildings.

Sheila Somerville,

Guldeford Lodge, Military Road, Rye.