We should take care of the future

My despair is immense at the amount of development being driven through and across our part of East Sussex - I am not opposed to new, affordable housing and recognise the need to bring in industry to boost the economy, however this has to be done with the involvement and buy-in of local communities. When you look along the south coast to towns such as Lee-on-the-Solent in Hampshire such mass development has done nothing to enhance the local community, the high street isn’t thriving and roads are grid locked with cars (for every new house built there will be 1-2 new cars added to the roads) this then leads to the argument for new roads and bypasses which swallow up even more green space and opens-up further land for development. How sad that local communities are not being listened to, instead the bull dozer of East Sussex County Council and Westminster are driving forward development irrespective of the negative impact, the focus being on the here and now and not the legacy that we will hand over to future generations. Is it any wonder that there is increasing disillusionment with our political system?

Jon Webb