Broadstock beats the weather to shine brightly

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Broadstock Music Festival in Crowhurst celebrated its fifth anniversary on Saturday 19th July. Like the storms which preceded the event on the Friday night, the best word to describe it is ‘spectacular’. This is not to say that the weather didn’t create a little anxiety, especially as the aforementioned storm tore through the freshly prepared site leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The site was restored the following morning and thankfully, the weather on Saturday turned out to be fantastic and the revellers basked in sunshine as they enjoyed the event. Once again in addition to the music, festival goers were treated to fun, games and culinary delights, such as the Pizza Laundry’s tantalisingly good pizzas, the Bamber Brothers’ exquisite cheesecakes and the tasty Salad Bar, run by ladies of the village. The drinks bar, also run entirely by village volunteers did a great trade in wine, Battle cider, Pimms and beer, including casks of the village’s very own Crowhurst Ales’ handcrafted “Broadstock Gold.”

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