Diverse work by accessible artist

By Ian Barraclough as part of Coastal Currents 2015
By Ian Barraclough as part of Coastal Currents 2015
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Contributing to Coastal Currents comes Print, Paint & Line which is the current exhibition of artworks by Ian Barraclough, showing at Hastings Arts Forum, Marina, from August 25 to September 6.

This features 60 works of illustration, printmaking and graphic art, creating a wide range of accessible and quirky styles. Accessibility is a key theme as Ian believes there is often a disconnect between art and its audience which can lead to self-referential work. He has mainly exhibited in London and been a senior lecturer at the University of the Arts London. He is an admirer of outsider art, Japanese prints, Indie bands and David Lynch films, and aims for a similar free spirit approach. The subjects featured in the exhibition are eclectic but retain a strong core of drawing, craft skills, print, and the dark side of life. Exhibition visitors will find visual references to cats, angels, and trains, as well as more topical themes such as fox attacks, Pussy Rioters, exploding wind turbines, and a surreal view of the local landscape. The artwork will hopefully provoke in viewers their own narratives, with work that adds to the diversity of Coastal Currents. www.hastingsartsforum.co.uk.