Battle Festival patron Keane’s Tim Rice-Oxley in his other pop combo

Mt Desolation with Tim Rice-Oxley and Jesse Quin SUS-170918-161425001
Mt Desolation with Tim Rice-Oxley and Jesse Quin SUS-170918-161425001

Battle Festival has announced that its patron Tim Rice-Oxley and fellow Keane band member Jesse Quin will bring their band Mt. Desolation to Battle on Saturday October 21 for an intimate show at St Mary’s Church.

The line-up is is Tim, Jesse, Phil Renna, Phil Scott, Nat Fimbow with support from Rachel Wilson

Mt. Desolation was formed in 2010 and the idea, as with the start of most bands, was simple - get some friends together and make some music...and drink beer, avoid having a proper job, but still work hard.

The band went into London’s Eastcote studios in January that year with thick snow outside and a French chef who was supposed to be the sound engineer, with at the helm American Emery Dobyns. This debut album was intended to be a country album and the songs did have the laughter, tears and storytelling qualities of the great American songbook.

Roll forward a few years and the band is back together and down at Tim’s studio. The songwriting this time has the same storytelling quality but the music has become less country and everything hangs more on the lives and experiences (both musical and otherwise) of the band. The palette of sounds has broadened. But the most important thing still remains, a bunch of friends playing music in a room..and drinking beer.

Now, Mt. Desolation is again attempting to getinstruments vaguely in tune and go play the songs live...make sure you catch them in this Battle Festival performance. Tickets cost £22.50 via

There is an eclectic mix of live music on offer throughout October, starting with Captain Of The Lost Waves on October 3 at The Senlac Inn, presented by Mrs Yarrington’s Music Club. Tickets cost £12 from The mighty Matilda’s Scoundrels will play at The Bull Inn on October 14. Formed in 2014, this folk punk unit from Hastings is building a solid reputation up and down the country and supporting the likes of The Levellers. Other performers include Hastings Philharmonic Orchestra, Eduardo Niebla, Neal Richardson Jazz Quartet, Mozart Quintet with Michael Collins, and Walklate & Fuschi.