Be absorbed by this sharply hilarious comedy drama

Hitleria Pizzaria

Next week sees the rather amazing political and social drama Hitleria Pizzeria being performed in St Leonards - “an absurdist play for an absurd time.”

Hitleria Pizzaria is an intriguing comedy set in a non-specific, war-torn, eastern block country, where bar owner Emil has, for unknown reasons, started wearing a Hitler-style moustache and hair cut.

This, and the entrance of a young, revolutionary soldier, is the catalyst for a series of revelations about life, war, death, betrayal and sacrifice. Along the way a writer is blamed, past sins are revealed, someone dies, the audience gets involved, jokes are made and someone else dies. Hitleria Pizzeria is a new play from local writer and theatre creator John Knowles, whose plays have been winning audiences in the south east and which are now gaining interest from Serbia. Performances from November 9-11 starting 7.30pm at the Garage, Horse And Groom, Mercatoria. Tickets: £12 and £10 concessions.

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