The funniest curmudgeon in the West - it’s Rich Hall in Hoedown

Rich Hall
Rich Hall

Rich Hall is regarded as one of the funniest comedians to come out of the US in recent times - but, mostly based here during the past three decades, he is pretty much an honorary Brit.

Fans around the country are enjoying more of that unique, crotchety comedy as Rich tours widely with his brilliant new show Hoedown. He brings it to Bexhill on Friday November 17.

The comedian, who has won both a Perrier (Edinburgh Comedy Festival) and a Barry (Melbourne International Comedy Festival) Award, is the funniest curmudgeon in the West.

Critics have long praised Rich’s highly original deadpan style which was the inspiration for cantankerous barman, Moe Szyslak, in The Simpsons.

Rich, who has presented BBC 4 documentaries as Rich Hall’s Californian Stars, and Rich Hall’s Countrier Than You, enjoys the thrill of performing live.

He commented: “I love the fact that when a live show is over, it’s gone. It’s happened, and it will never happen like that again. It can’t be replicated. That’s a great magical moment.”

Rich, who is also an accomplished author and has released three books, thrives on the spontaneity of live comedy. He added: “In every single show, there are always two or three moments where I’m thinking, ‘Wow, where did that come from?’ You’re constantly thinking on your feet.”

One of the many unique features of Rich’s act is that he goes out of his way to find out about the town he is playing in and then improvises a song on stage about it. He goes the extra mile to tailor-make his material for that particular venue. “I try to tap into what is happening locally and address that musically by writing an improvised song based on the town I’m in.”

Audiences really appreciate this bespoke comedy. “Once they realise you’re not just trotting out your regular act, people think, ‘He’s made a real effort. He’s on our side, so we’re on his side.” Then you can take them anywhere.

“I like to do something custom-made every night, otherwise you would just be like a robot. That can really wear you down. Nobody gets more sick of hearing their own voice than a comedian.”

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