Hastings-based artist Bruce Williams joins exhibition

Hastings-based artist Bruce Williams is displaying a piece of his work in Ian O'Leary's exhibition, The New Bohemians, which showcases the hive of creative talent in Hastings and St Leonards.

Monday, 13th September 2021, 6:02 am
Work by Bruce Williams
Work by Bruce Williams

The exhibition is taking place at the Hastings Arts Forum from 7th - 19th September.

Bruce is local to Hastings, and often works on pieces of figurative artwork which draw inspiration from around the area such as Wellington Sq Hastings and Hastings Landscape.

Spokeswoman Ruby Booker said: “The exhibition celebrates a collection of creative talent from Hastings and St Leonards and has been brought together by photographer Ian O’Leary. Williams will be showcasing his masterpiece Anya as he exhibits alongside other local creators.

“Williams lives and works in Hastings, with many of his paintings drawing inspiration from the East Sussex Coast and the surrounding area. Previous paintings of local landmarks include ‘Wellington Sq Hastings’ and ‘Hastings Landscape’. His featured piece at the exhibition, ‘Anya’, is a visual mastery portraying Williams’ daughter, encompassing his signature thick brush strokes and layers of paint onto the canvas in a textured style, and using an array of blue and purple based tones. ‘Anya’ is available for purchase at the exhibition for £4,000.

“Influenced by artists such as Kossoff, Bacon, and Chaim Soutin, Williams has previously described his artistic process as a learning experience. Using large sash brushes to create bold paintings with intensity and depth, his paintings reference the subject matter with a uniquely direct approach. Williams constantly scrapes back the painting in a chaotic free reign of risk and chance, often involving a change of medium.”

Bruce Williams said: “I always strive to create something magical with my paintings, and it’s often a trial-and-error process. Sometimes the thick textured style of my work is unintentional, I start with a blank canvas and allow my creativity to take hold of me and lead the way. I want to make my work as honest as possible.”

Ruby added: “The New Bohemians organiser Ian O’Leary, moved to St Leonards in 2019. The inspiration behind the exhibition came from O’Leary’s desire to showcase the hive of talent in the area, drawing on his love of the sea, the eclectic mix of architecture, the urban landscape, and creative people – all of which combine to create a space that provides a home to a wealth of talented artists, musicians, poets, actors, dancers, and makers.

“The title of the exhibition draws inspiration from the Jonathan Meades documentary, ‘In Search of Bohemia 1990’, and is also a nod to Bohemia Road in St Leonards.”

The New Bohemians exhibition is free to attend and takes place from 7th-19th September daily.

Williams’ paintings start at £2,900, and can be viewed and purchased through his website https://www.brucewilliamspaintings.com/