How loss turned into a new way of living

Local artist Chris Dredge will be holding his first exhibition on Saturday November 26 at the Southwater Community Centre in St Leonards.

Thursday, 20th October 2016, 4:51 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:09 am
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Chris Dredge ufTOCszRoisvWEykWEMC

Chris recently moved to the area after suffering a bereavement which spurred him into making the decision to start up his Ashes To Embers studio.

Chris studied at the Kent Institute for Art and Design (K.I.A.D) and spent a total of five years there initially completing a two year National Diploma in Multi Media and then staying on for a further three years to complete and graduate with a BA (Hons) Degree in Video Media Arts.

After graduating Chris spent his time balancing his day job at Waitrose while continuing his creative work within his second passion, music, in the form of his Heavy Metal/ Industrial band Spawn of Psychosis. His traditional art disciplines took a back seat during this time as the commitments of daily life had to be met.

In April Chris lost his partner of five years, tragically and unexpectedly, turning his world upside down and setting in motion the inspiration to start again and create his new business.

The exhibition will showcase much of the work that Chris has been creating since setting up Ashes to Embers Studio, and his new life within the Hastings area. Chris works mainly with acrylic, producing A3 portraits of various subjects, such as parody works of the world around him as well as what he calls “Dark Art” which is more personal and introspective. Chris also likes to produce mixed media pieces as well as plaster casts to create more tactile and interactive works.

“During my time at K.I.A.D I had heard a lot of people talk about how coastal towns such as Hastings and Brighton, were great places for the creative industries, as creative projects are usual the first to get a green light in rejuvenation schemes.

It wasn’t till now that I have be able to see this first hand, as while networking for Ashes to Embers Studio I have already met so many interesting artists and creators and I can appreciate the sense of community the art scene has created here in Hastings.”

“When I decided to do an exhibition I knew I wanted it to reflect this sense of community, which is why a chose the Southwater community centre, as it is clearly a central hub for the community of St. Leonards while also having great links to such schemes as Zoom Arts.”

Pieces on display at the exhibition will be up for sale as well as several smaller hand crafted items. There will also be a special guest exhibition from Latibulum Lumen Candles. This is a free family oriented event which opens at 11am – 3pm on November 26

SouthWater Community Centre in Stainsby Street. By Malcolm Robinson.