New art show is a collaboration by Now We Are 7

Un-broken is a new exhibition from local female artists exploring themes which compliment Tonico Lemus Auad's exhibition at DLWP.

Friday, 18th March 2016, 4:41 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:00 am
Unbroken show at Murmurations Gallery by Now We Are 7 - this work from Lyn Dale SUS-160314-160927001
Unbroken show at Murmurations Gallery by Now We Are 7 - this work from Lyn Dale SUS-160314-160927001

Now we are 7 is a group of female artists based along the East Sussex coast, from Seaford to Bexhill, who share a passion to make work on the complex subject of identity. Ideas such as who we are, who we could be, where we came from, what happens when we make new relationships, revisit old ones, invent new ones – and how this can impact us in terms of interactions with cultures and journeys, taking us to new places. They explore how small changes and interactions can have impact on the individual and the environment that we live in, and how we can find ways to move forward.

By focusing on everyday happenings, they attempt to unravel some kind of sense, some kind of viewpoint on the highs and lows of living an ordinary life.

The group meet regularly to discuss work, share ideas and explore opportunities for exhibiting. Each artist examines their subject in different ways but they share a need to tell new stories informed by discarded materials, memory, rules and forgotten truths. The artists work in a range of media and this exhibition includes voice, sculpture, photography, drawing, threads and painting.

Un-Broken includes works by Lyn Dale, Nikki Davidson-Bowman, Stephanie Grainger, Jules Mitchell, Katy Oxborrow, Marie Ford and Louise Michele Evans. The concept for this exhibition was inspired by the work shown by Tonico Lemus Auad at the DLWP. The exhibitions share common ground with a focus on materiality and the physical process of thinking whilst making, using threads and other every day materials in new ways to make thought provoking work.

10.30–4.30pm Tuesday - Sunday (closed Mondays except Bank Holiday Monday). All are welcome to the opening event and meet the artists on Saturday March 26 2-5pm.